Japan Travel Itineraries Crafted For You

by Japan By Locals

At Japan by Locals you will get matched with a friendly personal travel advisor to plan your trip!

Explore the best of Japan's culture, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes with our personalized itineraries. Tap into the expertise of locals and plan your dream trip to Japan.

woman wearing a kimono performs tea ceremony and tourists watching in the back
woman wearing a kimono performs tea ceremony and tourists watching in the back

Why hire a local to help you plan a trip to Japan?

  • Planning a trip to Japan takes dozen of hours of research

  • While researching for an upcoming trip can be fun, there is an overwhelming mount of information online, many in contradiction or including outdated information, and there are many cultural aspects to be aware of.

  • Getting help from a knowledgeable local will shorten massively the time you spend doing research about cities, attractions, hotels and cultural norms, and will give you exactly the information you need to know.

Why choose Japan by Locals?

man walking between stores during night time
man walking between stores during night time
  • Japan by Locals aims to offer an affordable, tailor-made solution for planning a trip, that anyone traveling to Japan can use with ease.

  • We want you to feel like having a local friend to rely and trust.

  • We do our best to respond to diverse requests and needs, helping those with food requirements, tattoos and so on, or those wanting a more unique type of trip, travel without stress.

tourists holding a map and pointing to something
tourists holding a map and pointing to something

Japan by Locals offers personalized travel itineraries and planning services for your trip to Japan.

Our Products and Services

DIY Japan Trip Planning Kit

Total Japan Travel Planning with a Local

Personalized trip planning:

$35 / day

What is included:

  • Personalized itinerary creation

  • Hotel research

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Budgeting support

  • General tips and must-know rules

  • One 45-min online call with your travel planner

  • On-call support during the trip.

*Some itineraries might require more research (eg. special diets or interests, off the beaten path itineraries), so the price will be adjusted after estimating the amount of time needed for the research.

*We do not book services, since we are not a licensed travel agency, but we will tell you what, when and how to book.

Original DIY Japan Trip Planning Kit: $15

Confident to plan on your own but need some tools to make it easier and more organized? This kit is all you need!

What is included:

  • Easy to use Google sheet template

  • Must-know Japan-specific travel tips

  • List with over 20 popular sightseeing spots, with operating schedules and prices

  • 10-day sample itinerary including the most popular destinations

  • Calendar with annual events and festivals.

Online consultation

45 min online consultation:


Confident to plan on your own but need a little guidance? Book a one-time consultation.

What is included:

  • An online call with one of our experienced travel planners

  • Answering your questions about the upcoming trip to Japan during the call

  • Looking over your schedule and giving you advice during the call

  • Follow up email with discussion summary.

Happy Travelers

"Alina did a great job with our itinerary! We are vegan, so that was an important point to consider and she did her best to find restaurants and options everywhere. She was very patient and pleasant with all our questions and adapted very well according to our budget. I really recommend her service if you want a personalized experience in Japan." H. P.
people walking in front of a shrine during daytime
people walking in front of a shrine during daytime
"Alina was absolutely amazing. Very frequent contact and made an itinerary that fit our requests. The itinerary is completely custom to fit what we want to do on our trip to Japan and we are so excited to travel. Big thanks to Alina! She also gave super fun sounding suggestions that we hadn’t thought of and her tips for travel are super helpful. I will always recommend her work." B. M.

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